Instant Input Effectively Gathers New Community Engagement in Boonville, NY

community engagement

Last year, Instant Input partnered with Mohawk Valley EDGE, an economic development organization in the Mohawk Valley. Community engagement is integral to their work as an EDO, and it helps expand their reach in smaller, rural areas of Herkimer and Oneida Counties. The Problem: Competing for State Revitalization Money in Small Communities The Village of […]

Partner Spotlight: Rochester, NY’s Urban Master Forest Plan

urban master forest plan

Instant Input partnered with the City of Rochester to work with city officials to get feedback on their Urban Master Forest Plan. The plan has received citizen feedback from over 300 survey responses via Instant Input’s project map. What’s Included in the Plan? Located within the Department of Environmental Services (DES), the City of Rochester’s […]

Product Update: Instant Input Rollout Cities

Identify Issues of Concern to You - InstantInput

An Update on our Roadmap to Expand Citizen Engagement Nationwide  We recently relaunched the Instant Input citizen (community members) engagement web platform. The new Instant Input includes a streamlined and modernized UI and features claimed premium projects and unclaimed free projects. First, let’s touch on what we’re doing. Instant Input shares major projects on a […]

How to Participate in City Council Meetings

A city council meeting is a gathering of the elected officials who make up the governing body of a city or municipality. These meetings are typically open to the public and provide a forum for council members to discuss and make decisions about issues affecting the municipality they serve. The council may discuss a wide […]

Social Activism: What It Is and How to Get Involved

The roots of modern social activism lie in the 18th and 19th centuries with movements such as the abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage and labor rights. Social activism burst into the foreground in the 1960s with the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam anti-war protests becoming defining characteristics of a generation of Americans. Continuing into the […]

How to Get Involved in Local Government: Nine Ways to Contribute to Your Community

How to Get Involved in Local Government

Introduction Have you asked, “How to Get Involved in Local Government?” Ever wonder how a neighborhood park gets designed and constructed? Or who decides to install bike lanes in your city? It’s likely that your government representatives are actively working on dozens of projects to improve your community right now. This article will outline how […]