Instant Input Effectively Gathers New Community Engagement in Boonville, NY

Last year, Instant Input partnered with Mohawk Valley EDGE, an economic development organization in the Mohawk Valley. Community engagement is integral to their work as an EDO, and it helps expand their reach in smaller, rural areas of Herkimer and Oneida Counties.

The Problem: Competing for State Revitalization Money in Small Communities

The Village of Boonville, New York, situated just 31 miles north of Utica, is home to many small businesses that have felt the impact of the recent economic downturn in their area. 

Led by Governor Hochul, New York initiated the NY Forward program to invigorate and enliven downtowns in New York’s smaller and rural communities – namely villages, hamlets, and other small-scale municipal centers. New York State awarded the Village $4.5 million to create pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, enhance small businesses, and activate community and public-facing spaces.

The Solution: Community Engagement

While applying for NY Forward funds, Boonville had to prepare an extensive application detailing its plans for revitalization. Through extensive community outreach, Boonville created an ideal vision for how their refreshed downtown area would look and function. 

The vision wasn’t hypothetical – Boonville’s plan had to reflect the needs and desires of the Village residents.

Quality community input requires careful planning, timing, and attention to detail. To maximize public engagement efforts, the Village and Mohawk Valley EDGE turned to Instant Input to facilitate community engagement.

“An invaluable tool in reaching the desired audience.”

Laura Cohen of Mohawk Valley EDGE

With Instant Input, Boonville connected with residents quickly and on-demand. It didn’t matter whether or not a resident could personally attend a public hearing; with Instant Input, anyone could lodge a comment and track the application’s progress at any time. The app’s mobile-friendly website made meeting people where they were even easier.  

The Village increased its community engagement year over year by one hundred percent.

Instant Input helps create impact by removing common barriers to public engagement. Instead of jumping from website to website or looking for news on social media, Instant Input centralized everything related to the project on one page. Residents could easily find updates, press releases, development updates, and in-person Village meetings with a few clicks.

The Village of Boonville printed coasters with Instant Input QR codes to boost engagement and reach a wider audience. They placed them around bars and restaurants and posted flyers at local businesses. These tactics supplemented the Village’s robust social media campaign. 

When residents feel their feedback matters, it can alter the trajectory of our communities and the spaces we use. For Mohawk Valley EDGE they will “definitely use [Instant Input] again” to keep moving their projects forward.

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Community Engagement at your Fingertips

Instant Input wants your feedback! We created a new project submission form for communities across the country to submit projects happening in your area. From road closures, detours, building renovations, public park additions, and everything in between– we want it on our project map!