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Instant Input wants your feedback! We created a new project submission form for communities across the country to submit projects happening in your area. From road closures, detours, building renovations, public park additions, and everything in between– we want it on our project map!

The Public Engagement Problem: Tanya Mooza Zwahlen of Instant Input Shares Eye-Opening Solutions

Instant Input Solves Problems in Public Engagement

Tanya Mooza Zwahlen recently discussed the new women-owned citizen engagement platform she founded, Instant Input, which improves participation and communication between project owners, real estate developers, municipality leaders, and local citizens.


The Problem of Disconnection

Zwhalen created Instant Input because of a communication disconnect in her community. Several years ago, she noticed the playground she frequently brought her children to suddenly disappeared. After working as a city planning consultant for over 20 years, Zwahlen knows that public meetings or printed informational flyers would have been costly ways to inform the neighborhood. Unfortunately, this often results in a disconnect between project developers and community members.

“By our estimates, only 1/10th of 1% of the population participates in conventional public engagement processes.” 


The Solution

To help combat issues of accessibility and flexibility, Tanya created Instant Input. Project owners, municipalities, and real estate developers can easily create and update pins for their latest projects, all while receiving quality community feedback. Instant Input aims to increase engagement and help bridge the gap between decision-makers and local citizens by…

Engaging 3x more stakeholders

Reducing staff time by 75%

Saving an est. $2000 in labor per project 

In this interview, we dive into Tanya’s several-decade career in city planning and consulting, public engagement issues we’re experiencing, how we can fix them, recent success stories, and the software’s project map features. Instant Input’s pinned map allows project leaders and stakeholders to quickly and cost-effectively share ideas, support, and awareness to keep each other informed.

Discover how Instant Input is helping towns and cities across the country bridge the gap between community members and project owners, municipality leaders, and more. Schedule a demo today and learn how Instant Input makes public engagement easy, affordable, and accessible for all.