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Discover and track projects happening in your community in real time. Learn important project details and provide feedback instantly.

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Stay in the Know with Instant Input

Instant Input is the premier community engagement platform to keep residents updated about major projects happening in their neighborhood.

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“When my kids were little, our neighborhood playground was the center of our community. We made so many memories there. One day it drastically changed, and no one knew how or why. I realized then that the public input process needed to change. Community members and concerned citizens in every town, and those in charge of shaping places can benefit tremendously from a tool like Instant Input that brings everyone together."
-Co-founder and CEO, Tanya Mooza Zwahlen, AICP, Addressing Unique Community Challenges with Instant Input

Connecting You to Local Projects That Matter

Interactive Feedback

Instant Input is a direct line to the changes in your community. From dog parks to skate parks, roundabouts to transit routes, you can find projects you care about, see design plans, and give feedback.

Impact in Numbers

Reach a diverse audience of community members, stakeholders, and project owners whose input can be analyzed to deliver fast, powerful, real-time insights for your projects. 

Seamless Engagement

Instant Input’s easy-to-use and accessible tools simplify civic engagement for everyone and put efficiency and accessibility at the forefront of public engagement.

Transparency and Accountability

Our citizen engagement software can help with civic education, public awareness, and the creation of more connected, intertwined communities.