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Instant Input is backed by decades of public engagement and city planning experience. Located in Rochester, New York, the women-owned city planning consultancy Highland Planning specializes in public outreach, economic and market analysis, commercial district revitalization, research and program management, and communications. We believe that better dialogue creates better decisions. Our team designs, plans, implements, and summarizes successful public engagement strategies that reduce risk and create positive outcomes for our clients.

With two decades of public engagement experience and a pandemic, our team recognized the need for a new, simple solution to build relationships and get quick feedback on projects by meeting people where they are. Public engagement should be accessible and transparent, so we created Instant Input.

Tanya Mooza Zwahlen, co-founder and CEO


Tanya Mooza Zwahlen

Co-founder and CEO

Anton Abramov

Co-founder and CTO

Lisa Kribs

Marketing and CMO

With simple surveys, notifications, and real-time updates, Instant Input puts efficiency and accessibility at the forefront of public engagement.

Connecting Project Owners to Community

Instant Input allows local decision-makers and project owners to share projects with the communities they serve. Our software bridges the gap between project owners and stakeholders, allowing citizens to stay informed and offer feedback to help move each project forward.

Tanya Mooza Zwahlen

Tanya Mooza Zwahlen, AICP, is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Instant Input. Ms. Zwahlen is a city planner by training. In 2007, she founded Highland Planning, a public engagement consulting practice. The Highland Planning team has consulted with communities across the nation and received four awards for exemplary practice from the American Planning Association. Ms. Zwahlen received a Masters Degree in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University. She has sought specialized public engagement training from the Center for Dispute Settlement, the American Planning Association, and the International Association for Public Participation. She is the mother of two teenagers, two cats and a dog. She currently serves on the board of the Community Design Center of Rochester and volunteers at Saint Joseph’s House of Hospitality in Rochester, New York. 

Anton Abramov

Anton Abramov, is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Instant Input. He has a masters degree in computer science and is passionate about latest & modern technologies. Over the past decade Anton has been working in various fields of business like mobile, socials, automotive, fin-tech, health care.

Anton helped many companies & startups to define a working process, build & grow the teams, and develop world class applications. As an example at Juniqe (Berlin), Europe’s largest art eCommerce platform, Anton was the second Engineer hire – helped develop a completely new platform for mobile & desktop and scale the business to $35m ARR.

He is the father of a 3 years old daughter, who likes to find a good balance between work and family and in his free time play tennis and go to the gym.

Lisa Kribs

Lisa Kribs has been a believer of and part of the Instant Input team from its early days. Lisa is a creative and communications strategist focused exclusively in the social impact space nationally for more than 15+ years. 

Lisa is also the founder of TGW Studio, A B Corp Certified LGBTQ+/non-binary/women-owned and -operated social impact marketing firm that creates purposeful experiences for organizations across sectors and society.

Lisa believes that focusing on the intersection of diverse design and social impact can transform communities everywhere. Instant Input is a powerful connector and tool, and they are dedicated to sharing its potential far and wide.