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Maximize public engagement on your next project. Build relationships, get quick feedback and move your projects forward. With Instant Input, community input is easy to come by, even on your smallest projects.

Instant Input is where citizens can see what’s new in their community using a map tool or project listing.

They can search by topics like transportation, playgrounds or housing. They can follow projects, review documents, add events to their calendars and answer short surveys. City, county, MPO and state projects reside on the same platform, creating one space for stakeholders to engage with many projects happening in their community.

The problem Instant Input aims to solve is that communication and technology has changed drastically, but government agencies and developers don’t have the ability to share information and solicit feedback from a wide array of stakeholders. Information is posted on many different websites. Citizens – especially young adults — want to know what is occurring in their community, but don’t know where to look or how to provide feedback. 

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Hear from Community Members

What Local Neighbors Say about Instant Input

"It feels good to know my town cares about what I think and that my voice is being heard. That’s what I like most about Instant Input.”
Courtney Brown
Community Member, Rochester, NY

What Project Owners Say about Instant Input

"Investing in Instant Input will be worth it. This app will address one of the main criticisms that municipalities face, which is a lack of transparency and engagement with the public.”
Eric Hathaway
Director of Parking and Transportation, City of Ithaca, NY
“It takes a lot of work to feel connected to what’s going on at the municipal level. Instant Input provides an easy way to achieve that sense of connection with my local government.”
Community Member, Rochester, NY
“Instant Input makes civic engagement easy. My feedback will inform decisions that affect my community.”
Community Member, Pittsfield, MA
“Instant Input lets me know about developments happening in any neighborhood I care about.”
Community Member, Rochester, NY